Writing portfolio – FiveThirtyEight

While these examples aren’t journalistic in nature (the audience is generally intended to be some sort of specialist), they demonstrate my general writing ability in a number of topics and styles. My actual publications are listed on my resume, but were written in collaboration with other authors and for a highly specialized audience; thus they are not particularly indicative of the writing that I can bring to a journalistic setting.

Master’s thesis introduction—This is my most recent example of writing, and the closest in tone to what I would bring to a journalistic setting. It is the least relevant to this application in terms of subject matter, but is meant to be accessible to a wide audience until the last couple of pages.

Data-driven policy essay—Written for a class on ‘urban education,’ this essay reviews a statistical study on the relationship of English Language Learner’s academic outcomes to their grade placement, considering it in the context of the qualitative scholarship that was the focus of the class. It demonstrates my data literacy as well as my ability to synthesize data with anecdotal and qualitative aspects of the story.

Concept albums, technology, and gender—This was written as one part of my capstone project for my music major. This brief essay is an exigeses of a book, and explores the definition and history of concept albums. Besides concept albums being a favorite topic of mine, I’ve included this essay because it explores the effect of technology  on the format and discusses socio-political aspects (race and gender) of the genre.

Personal blog—Although this comes in an overly informal writing style, I thought I would include it here to balance out the more academic style of writing in the other samples. It also showcases my passion for the philosophy of science & science and technology studies (STS), a background that I think will be a great resource for reporting on the intersection of technology and politics.