About me

Mini-bio: born in Baltimore, raised in Easton PA, I’ve since lived in Minnesota and Ontario. In second grade I brought home a book from the library that told me of the existence of atoms; I also started taking cello lessons. 14 years later I graduated with a BA in physics & music from Carleton College. Deciding to pursue an academic career in physics, I started grad school at the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo, but became disillusioned with academia and the abstruseness of physics and left with a Master’s degree having written a thesis that I’m pretty proud of anyway.

I’m now looking for a life outside of the ivory tower, which includes employment. If you’re looking to hire a physicist/mathematician-by-training with strong writing skills, a lot of coding experience, and interests in social justice/policy/philosophy of science/music/etc, go ahead and contact me.

General internet presence: I also make music that you can find at my bandcamp, and you can look at Real Academic Writing that I’ve done on my google scholar page. I’m on LinkedIn.

About the blog

I started the blog when I entered grad school, intending it to be a repository for my ramblings an accessible distillation of my graduate research into the foundations of physics and philosophy of science. It is currently fairly sparse, as the aforementioned grad school got in the way. As one does, I have vague intentions of reviving it at some point in the future.