Water all the way down

Let’s get to it

I anticipate that three things will be true about this blog:

  1. I will write about, among other things, the foundations of physics.
  2. My parents, who don’t know much about the foundations of physics, will probably read it (Hi Mom!)
  3. If anybody who knows anything about the foundations of physics reads it, I will never get a job because of the silly things I expect I will say.

As (a) a consequence, (b) in the interest of miseducating the general public, and (c) because I feel the need for some sort of inaugural blog post acknowledging its own existence, insofar as it is distinguished by being First, let’s start off with an introduction to the foundations of physics.

Foundations of physics 101:

Thales of Miletus was an ancient Greek philosopher who believed that the world was made entirely of water [citation].

This was awfully silly.

Really, the world is made entirely of these little things, except they’re not “things” like we usually think of “things”—in that in some situations it’s hard to say that they really “exist”—and these little things (airquotes hereafter implied) sometimes act like particles and sometimes act like waves (this is not true, it’s more like both at the same time (also, not all the things we talk about are particle-wave-y, they’re more and-or-y) (and the particle-wave-y-ness really isn’t both or either it’s more and-or-y too (ok, we just don’t have words to describe these things))) and even though it seems like there are a lot of these things there are only Really seventeen (clearly a Harmonious number) Things and all the other things are made out of these Things—actually we’re pretty sure that not really all other things are made out of Things, just 5% of all things.

Thales really was awfully silly.

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